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9. Four SMVRR 70-tonners haul some sugar beet gondolas. Moving the beet cars stored east of Rosemary. They would move them perhaps the length of the cut (about 130 cars) and back to keep the bearings lubed. Had to move 85 cars out of Rosemary Storage for maintenance. Were going to shove around the curve on the Battles Branch, couldn't do it, 2400 HP on 16 drivers through an 8-degree curve would not make it.

10. And the brakeman is?... Brakeman is Paul Galloway-now with UP, Nampa, ID.

11. No. 50 with one of the SMVRR cabooses. c.1986.

12. Loading an SPFE boxcar. Ice being sprayed on a load even though this is a mechanical reefer. Top icing at H. Y. Minami cooler.

If you can tell us anything about these pics, or simply a related story, please contact SMVRHM's Webman.

Text in italics was sent in by Hal Madson. Dave Jennings supplied text in dark red.

13. Boxcars and caboose in the downtown yard. Pulled a boxcar off the house track dock and were preparing to "run around" it to take west to SP.

14. Caboose No. 180...

15. An interior shot of...? This, and #16, are inside one of the steel cabooses, 200 or 210.

16. Another interior shot of...?

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