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The hood of Santa Maria Valley Railroad (SMVRR) No. 10 arrived at the Mall parking lot by trailer.

No. 10 (CN 30019) and No. 20 were the first new GE 70-ton diesel switchers purchased by the SMVRR in 1948. Eventually, the SMVRR would own eight of these 600hp units (one was actually a similar GE U6B, No. 60). No. 10 was retired in 1992 and scrapped in 1994/95. By then, many of its parts had been used to service Nos. 70 and 80, still in service today. Early in its career, a tug-of-war was conducted by the SMVRR with No. 10 up against No. 21, an SMVRR mikado steam locomotive. The diesel won. The original paint scheme was GE yellow stripes on dark green. This paint scheme was later reversed on the SMVRR. As many as 5 of these units were used together to haul sugar beets.

It was a tight squeeze...

The hood is placed near the front room counter, just inside the front door.

SMVRR No. 10 Hood
Arrives at the Museum

Here's a view from the backside as the hood is put onto a pair of dollies. SMVRR No. 80 is its sister engine that still runs today on the SMVRR.

It's really rollin' now!

Dick tries out the mount for the lights.

Historical information provided on this page is from Hal Madson's book,
The Railroads of the Santa Maria Valley.

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