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Old Guestbook

(before February 12, 2005)

Name: Mattes
Location: Stein am Rhein   Stein am Rhein   Schweiz
Homepage: Reiseb├╝ro
Date: 25-Jan-2005 08:54:59
Message:Wonderful and interesting site. My Congratulations to you! I come back for sure. Best regards, Mattes

Name: Larry C
Location: Santa Maria    
Date: 16-Dec-2004 22:58:02
Message:Are there future plans for an N scale layout at the museum?

Name: Larry Taber
Location: Orange Grove   TX   US
Homepage: Orange Grove Area Museum
Date: 11-Dec-2004 18:08:02
Message:I have visited youe website and would like to compliment you on your fine work. I am a railroad historical enthusiest myself. Please take the time to visit us at the above website and view our caboose restoration process.

Name: Mariana
Date: 12-Nov-2004 03:05:02
Message:Good site. Nice!

Name: Kyle
Date: 6-Aug-2004 12:51:25
Message:Wonderful webpage. I hope the museum is just as great!

Name: Renee Diana Beck
Location: Santa Maria   CA   USA
Date: 29-May-2004 20:01:43
Message:Does anyone in this valley ever lend out Woodland Scenics rock molds? The cost to buy everything needed to build a layout is staggering. Perhaps sharing things would be useful?

Name: Karen Evangelista
Location: Guadalupe   CA   USA
Date: 5-May-2004 13:30:01
Message:We are here at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts & Education Center located at 1065 Guadalupe St., Guadalupe, CA. We are a non-profit organization with a goal and purpose of providing the history of Guadalupe and our surrounding cities. We are very interested in purchasing the book "Railroads of the Santa Maria Valley" hoping to find information on the electric train that traveled from Guadalupe to Santa Maria. If you have any suggestions please let us know and please come visit. We will be seeing you soon to visit and purchase that literature to keep in our library.

Name: D. Staton
Date: 26-Apr-2004 20:37:22
Message:I hope this brief note finds you well. I was looking for information on railfan or locomotive enthusiasts in Southern California on the internet and found your web site. I am trying to contact interested groups of rail travel (clubs, associations, etc) to let them know of an exhibition of imagess by famed photographer O. Winston Link at the Staton-Greenberg Gallery in Santa Barbara. Staton-Greenberg is located in Santa Barbara's cultural corridor in downtown Santa Barbara. The gallery features fine art photography, both vintage and contemporary. I'm excited to have the Link exhibit as I have admired his work for some time. The exhibit, "Whistle Stop," contains about 25 images; most of the photos were printed by Link in the early '80s, but several are vintage, dating to the mid 1950s and they document the Norfolk and Western Railway during that era. Link's signature image, "Hot Shot Eastbound," is included in the show, which will open May 1st and run through late June at the gallery, 15 W. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. I'm writing in hopes that you might be able to help me in locating the aforementioned groups and/or "fan clubs" so that I might make them aware of this exhibit. We have a strong and loyal following in Santa Barbara (as well as all of Southern California and California in general), but I'd like to expand our base a little bit with this show and I know railfans would love to have the opportunity to see Winston's photographs. Can you please suggest groups or contact people I might let know of this exhibit via email or telephone numbers? I've searched on the web for a while, but what I've been turning up is a lot of model railroad enthusiasts (I'm sure they'd love Winston's work, as well). Any help you might offer would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me by replying to this email address, or you might respond to the email address at the gallery: Best regards, David Staton Staton - Greenberg Gallery 15 W. Anapamu Street Santa Barbrara, CA 93101 (805) 962-9876

Name: John H. Mills
Location: Greenbank   Washington   United States
Date: 29-Feb-2004 19:01:17
Message:Has definitely progressed since I last saw it.

Name: Michael Jordan
Location: White Bear Lake   Minnesota   U.S.
Date: 6-Feb-2004 13:59:41
Message:I model the Santa Maria Valley Industrial Railroad. Industrial, so I don't have to follow the SMVRR excatly. I have modeled a few industrial buildings as on the prototype, but I have added a Sunkist produce packing plant along with an orange grove. I model the SMVRR in HO scale and in the late 50's. I found two GE 70 tonners in a model shop in Atascadero a few years ago so I move freight from the "Southern Pacific" interchange out of Guadalupe with the G.E.'s. The model railroad is in a 12 by 20 foot room and is about 80 percent complete. I would like to know more about what was shipped and recieved in this time period other than produce, oil and beets. Also in my trips to the area, I have failed to get a photograph of the long packing building that is located in Guadalupe, if there is a chance for some one to email me a photograph I would appreciate it.
Name: Mike Williams
Location: SANTA MARIA   CA  
Homepage: SMVRR group
Date: 23-Aug-2003 17:07:29
Message:You are invited to join our group of train lovers!

Name: travis bareford
Location: las vegas   nv   usa
Date: 23-Aug-2003 09:54:10
Message:used to live in santa maria from bad about union sugar going belly up.also track out to battles refinery via rosemary farms. any way good site guys.i'm now in lost wages working for the u.p. "go warriors"

Name: p.l.bareford
Location: las vegas   nv   us
Date: 23-Aug-2003 09:44:38

Name: Pat Dubrow
Location: San Mateo   CA   USA
Date: 13-Aug-2003 21:49:29
Message:I enjoyed the information about Union Sugar at Betteravia. Is it possible to contact the author for more souces of information. I am particularly interested in John W Atkinson

Name: Ken Kemzura
Location: Los Angeles   CA   USA
Date: 5-Jul-2003 11:24:07
Message:Would like to learn about current operations and active shippers on the line. Keep up the good work!

Name: Cory Gibson
Location: Brantford   Ontario   Canada
Homepage: google
Date: 29-Jun-2003 13:57:11
Message: I love your large steam locomotives, especially your 4-8-4 Northern that I found on I myself have an HO scale locomotive that my dad and I share. Im 16 years old and hope one day when im older i will visit your museum.

Name: Jim Hilliker
Location: Monterey,   CA   USA
Date: 17-Jun-2003 21:20:33
Message:Hi! Great site! I lived in Santa Maria as a kid, from 1957-1965! Loved those yellow diesel locomotives of the SMVRR and my dad told me I did once see a steam locomotive in action on the SMVRR, but likely was too young to remember. I always made my folks stop to watch the trains if they were going across Broadway or check them out if we were near the rail yard. The SMVRR will always hold fond memories for me and thaks for preserving its history! Beautiful historic photos. I hope to visit the museum someday. I also am a radio historian. Can anyone please tell me if they have any details about the radio station KSMR that was owned by Hancock and the SMVRR around 1925-1929 or so and was located inside the SMVRR headquarters building? Any idea why Capt. Hancock was interested in owning a radio station at the time and why he later sold it?? Are there any photos of station KSMR's broadcast studios inside the railroad headquarters? I know KSMR was sold around 1931 and moved to Bakersfield, where it has operated ever since as KERN radio, AM-1410...But, it started out as KSMR for Santa Maria Radio or maybe Railroad in 1925 at the SMVRR owned by Allen Hancock. I'd appreciate any further information anyone has about this pioneer radio station of Santa Maria and California, and its relationship to the railroad owner, Mr. Hancock. Thank you. Jim Hilliker Monterey, CA

Name: Ron
Homepage: plan cruise
Date: 14-Jun-2003 04:36:26
Message:Neat site !

Name: Sandy
Location: Miami   FL   USA
Homepage: Must See
Date: 4-Jun-2003 15:03:14
Message:Hi, my friend told me to come see the design on your website and I am very impressed. I must say whoever did the design should keep up the great work :))

Name: Keith Valley
Location: Morro Bay   Ca.   USA
Date: 29-May-2003 20:44:31
Name: Rick Laird
Location: Troy   Michigan  
Date: 17-Apr-2003 14:04:45
Message:Former 20 year Resident (Orcutt). Modeling the Santa Fe during steam-diesel transition. I still have many friends and a daughter in Santa Maria.

Name: Paul Passante
Location: Wilmington   NC   USA
Date: 24-Feb-2003 08:08:52
Message:I am interested in exchanging website links. Please visit our site and let me know. Thanks.

Name: Bob McMillan
Location: Santa Ana   CA   USA
Date: 14-Jan-2003 22:36:26
Message:Let's bring steam back to Santa Maria!

Name: Julia Young
Location: Santa Maria   CA   Santa Barbara
Date: 3-Dec-2002 23:51:07
Message:Hello, my name is Julia Young and I work at the Santa Maria Times as the entertainment listings typist for our Entertainment Calendar. I would greatly appreciate it if you would add me to your mailing list for future events.My e-mail address is, and our address is as follows: Julia Young Santa Maria Times 3200 Skyway Drive, Santa Maria, CA 93455 Thank you very much. Julia Young

Name: Jim McCoy
Location: Wasco   Ca   USA
Date: 14-Aug-2002 11:10:58
Message:Very impressive site,professionally done in every way. Keep up the great work!!

Name: Dr.Sanad A. Al-Khashab
Location: Mosul     IRAQ
Date: 29-Jul-2002 23:59:55
Message:Very nice and cool site

Name: W. W. Williams
Date: 25-Jul-2002 17:31:11
Message:Nice web page. I grew up in Santa Maria in the 50's. My buddy Donald and I used to ride our bikes down to the yard to watch them switch out the cars with steam(!). Once got a yard cab ride, in the #100, I think. I'm a conductor with Amtrak now. Wonder if the SMVRR had anything to do with it?...

Name: Jene Lager
Location: Ridgecrest   CA   usa
Date: 19-Jun-2002 13:57:18

Name: Bruce Petrarca
Location:   Arizona  
Date: 5-Jun-2002 15:48:38
Message:I went to Righetti - part of the first class! Now I have a model railroad business and model SP and am working on some SMVRR items.

Name: Ray
Location: Elkmont   Alabama  
Homepage: Trains of the South
Date: 2-May-2002 16:47:14
Message:Hope to visit your Museum in June !
Name: John Hind
Location: Kelso   Scottish Borders   Roxburgh
Date: 2-Mar-2002 02:27:56
Message:Like the UK it is sad that railways no longer exist in large eareas of the country especially in Scotland where I come from.I came accross your site looking for Brass Bands in the Sanra Maria area. I enjoyed my visit. Good luck for the future John Hind (The Borderer)

Name: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Location: Cambria   CA   USA
Homepage: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Date: 10-Feb-2002 08:49:23
Message:Reyna Mendez invited me to come look at this site. She is having fun and is very proud of all the history she's learning. Thank you, Reyna!

Name: Reyna Mendez
Location: santa maria   ca   usa
Date: 9-Feb-2002 20:38:36
Message:cool page Thank you for teaching my Daughter she is having so much fun!

Name: Leonard Green
Location: Lompoc   CA   USA
Date: 4-Feb-2002 20:32:09
Message:Trains are my favrite hobby! After looking at the website I'm going to visit the museum as soon as I can.

Name: Colin and Gabe
Location: santa mqria    
Date: 29-Jan-2002 19:05:57

Name: Julie Vawter
Location: Grover Beach   CA   San Luis Obispo
Date: 23-Jan-2002 12:50:45

Name: Elford Wall
Location: Helsinki     Finland
Homepage: Elford`s Railroad and Travel Website
Date: 12-Jan-2002 07:23:34
Message:Enjoyed working with all the great people on the Santa Maria Valley RR installing crossing protection back in the `70s.

Name: Steve Henderson
Location: Nipomo   CA   USA
Date: 18-Dec-2001 17:57:08

Name: Judy Van Aken
Location: Las Vegas   Nevada   USA
Date: 10-Dec-2001 10:00:30

Name: Jeff Newenhof
Location: Astoria   Oregon   USA
Homepage: Astoria Railroad Preservation Association
Date: 7-Nov-2001 08:41:29
Message:The Astoria Railroad Preservation Association is a non-profit group that is restoring SMV #21, Captain Hancock's favorite Steam Locomotive. We hope to have #21 running by 2003. Your website looks great.
Name: Herbert Goble
Location: Arroyo Grande   Ca.   USA
Date: 18-Oct-2001 19:59:25

Name: Richard Jacobs
Location: Orrville   Ohio   USA
Date: 6-Oct-2001 11:58:47
Message:Hi! I visited your engine house in Santa Maria in 1998-99. I have also photographed your train to Guadalupe. I have enjoyed the times at your railroad. I am the editor of the newsletter of the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society. We run about 6 mainline passenger excursions per year behind our GP-7u (ex-ConnDOT) locomotive. We also host 2 celebrations at our ex-PRR 1868 vintage depot. RJ

Name: Gary D. Van Aken
Location: Santa Maria   CA   USA
Date: 3-Oct-2001 20:13:44
Message:I hope that you have enjoyed viewing all the material that Jamie has added to the site. Please return frequently as it will only improve with new photos and varied subjcets in the future.

Name: Russell Hallock
Location: Washingtonville,   NY   USA
Date: 2-Oct-2001 20:44:02
Message:I am very pleased to visit your museum website. Good luck in all future activities!

Name: Jamie Foster.
Location: Arroyo Grande   CA   USA
Date: 1-Oct-2001 20:11:49
Message:Looks like I get to break the ice! Welcome to the web home of the Santa Maria Valley Railway Historial Museum (SMVRHM). Tell us your railroading interests. Ask us questions. Make comments/suggestions. Enjoy yourself!

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