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April 5, 2003

Some Trimming, Some Painting

The caboose crew was hard at it this 5th day of April 2003! Work intensity level has risen a bit now that a film crew for KEYT's "Santa Barbara Treasurers" is coming to shoot for a segment on the Santa Maria Valley Railway Historical Museum! The show is scheduled to air the first Saturday in May, the 3rd, at 7:00pm, KEYT-TV.

Kevin (left) and Phil (right) work on trimming the "mulehide" roof.

Ed shares some coupling information with our younger railroader, Phil (the "other" Phil).

But for lack of a few nuts (crew not withstanding), these rails are ready for installation at the front and rear of the caboose.

Dr. Marcus preps some paint for the baseboard trim he's been installing.

And here's Dr. Marcus applying the aforementioned paint.

While the levitating seems to be working fine, no matter how hard these not-so-charmed ones tried to use the power of seven, the darn striping just would not flip around to the correct orientation. The stripes should point down, not up toward the headlight mounting hole as they appear here. The transport project (to the museum) was abandoned (back to the drawing board), so on to the caboose for today...

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