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Santa Maria Valley Railroad's (SMVRR) locomotive No. 80 is hitched to Caboose No. 180 in front of the old depot building in the downtown yard where it's been located the better part of 2001. With its final coat of SMVRR yellow paint in place, it's being moved today to the Larrabee Brothers siding.

The historic Coca Cola Building can been seen to the left of the caboose as it heads west on Jones Street.

Here's the loco and caboose as they enter the grade crossing at Blosser Road.

Ginnie Sterling and family watch as the train pulls up near the Larrabee Brothers Distributing Yard.

Now at the Larrabee dock, Phil Goble stands on the back of the caboose looking on as the brake is set. Dan Alves and Ginnie's grandchildren watch from the dock.

Everyone watches and films as No. 80 pulls away from the caboose and the Larrabee dock.

December 28, 2001

Caboose No. 180 is moved to the Larrabee Brothers Siding

The photographer, leaning from the cab of the locomotive, captures the brakeman as he throws the switch at Larrabee.

The SMVRR engineer guides No. 80 on the trip to the Larrabee siding.

Here's Caboose No. 180 as it looked from the cab of No. 80 en route to Larrabee siding.

With the help of a fork lift, an old SMVRR tool box is moved toward the caboose. Kevin O'Roark is at the handle with Phil Goble on the far side. Ed Couch and Dr. Marcus stand to the left with video cameras in hand.

At the end of the day, the caboose stands at the Larrabee dock with Phil just about to climb on board.

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