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Update on SMVRR GE 70-tonners
April 30, 2005

This email conversation sheds some light on the disposition of SMVRR's No. 30 and No. 40. It was between Modesto & Empire Traction's Vice President, Mr. Beard, and our own William Martin. William went to his Nevada Northern resource website and then to Modesto's Company website. Mr. Beard was very helpful and grateful for the information. It is great to hear that the units will operate again.

Subject: RE: [Fwd: New 70 Tonners]
Date: 11/4/2004 9:40:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Mr. Beard

Mr. Martin,

Thank you for the information on our two new units. I must ask where you came about the information that we had purchased these two locomotives, as it amazes me on how fast information travels. We are currently working on the 013 to be renumbered 610, and plan at this time to steal the prime mover from it for one of our other locos. The 012 (to be numbered 611) does have a broken crankshaft but many usable parts. I do not plan on putting either locomotive back on the rails as they came from the factory, but instead have further plans for them both. I expect that within the next two years both will be repainted to match our other ones and once again will be working their hearts out, although with different power sources.

Thanks again for the interest

Ken Beard
Vice President
Modesto & Empire Traction Company

Original Message
Subject: New 70 Tonners
Date: Thu, October 28, 2004 12:31 am
To: Mr. Beard

As a person born and raised in the town where your two new units originally operated, I am glad to hear that they've come back to California.

Nevada Northern 012 is former SMVRR 40 and Nevada Northern 013 is former SMVRR 30. I hear that 012/40 may have a broken crankshaft, I really hope that you guys will be able to fix her and make her run again.

Will the units, if they're operational, be painted into the current M&ET paint scheme and lettered 610 and 611? It would be great if these units could once again run on California rails.

These units were some of the first built for the SMVRR. SMVRR Museum website

This website shows the units as they appeared on the BHP/Nevada Northern.


SMVRR Nevada Northern M&ET
40 012 611
30 013 610

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