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School Visit - 4/25/03

A third grade class from Alvin Elementary School visited the Museum today. This class is doing its own railroad project, and they're known as the Alvin All-Star Railroaders.

At left, SMVRHM member and school program coordinator Wayne Peterson welcomes the class as he stands beside the Sheffield Velocipede on display in the Museum. It's on loan from the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum.

The velocipedes were used mainly for track inspections and maintenance.

Because the class is completing their own HO model of the Santa Maria Valley Railroad, they were duly impressed with the SMVRHM's version in the front window of the museum. On the right side of the divider is the Santa Maria Valley Railroad (SMVRR) downtown yard. On the left is a generic representation of the valley's agricultural areas.

In this picture, the students watch as an SMVRR steam train runs through the valley.

Railroad Museum is currently open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00pm to 4:30pm. School and group visits can be scheduled by appointment.

The SMVRR train passes literally beneath their noses as it approaches the run-around to the yard side of the platform.

Below, steam era trains separated by 100 years:

How many faces can you see through the trees?...

Below, just beyond the icehouse is the enginehouse:

As several students watch the SMVRR train glide through the valley, the students in the foreground are intent on the sound system being operated by Mr. Peterson.

Below, an SMVRR 2-8-0 rounds the turn with a load of reefers:

A very popular spot on the tour of the Museum was the hands-on Thomas the Tank display made possible by a grant from the Santa Barbara Foundation to the SMVRHM.

Below, an SMVRR train passes by the enginehouse:

Here are most of the Alvin All-Star Railroaders as they listen and respond to today's SMVRHM host, Mr. Peterson.

Below, the velocipede:

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