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The train in the foreground sits at the Caliente siding waiting for the train in the background to get down and past.

Headed uphill past the crossing at Caliente.

Also at the Caliente crossing.

Note the Caliente signage on the equipment shed in the background, and the "Train Simulator" logo on the side of the lead locomotive, No. 4723. See our "Train Simulator" page. This loco is in several pictures on this page.

Closeup of the "Train Simulator" logo on this lead locomotive.

Up close and personal photograhy...


Tehachapi Loop
Field Trip
October 16, 2004

Thanks to Gary Van Aken for planning and executing this great trip!

Dick (standing on the ground) gets a shot of this train pulling out of the Caliente siding and heading uphill.

Dennis and Chuck watch a portion of the same train (as the one behind them) that is, at the moment, on the other side of the horseshoe.

A unit train of coil cars (steel) pulling through Caliente. We saw the first 5 of 13 trains for the day here in Caliente during the first 40 minutes of the day.

Same coil car train (as pictured above), now at Woodford.

Grabbing photos just east of the cement plant (background left) which is east of Tehachapi a bit.

Two green maintenance-of-way cars bring up the end of a ribbon rail train.

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